Directors' Corner




The Midwest Clinic
December 21, 2007
Chicago, Illinois

The following are pictures taken at The Midwest Clinic. Bret taught a clinic titled "Have No Fear!!, A Band Directors Guide to Marching Percussion". During the clinic, Bret addressed the basics that band directors should know regarding marching percussion. A copy of his handout is available on the "directors corner" page. Thanks to all of the vendors for their continued support (Yamaha, Remo, Innovative Percussion and Zildjian) and also to Ben Collins, Huei Pan and Matt Janus for assisting Bret during the clinic. Ben, Huei and Matt are good friends and former students of Brets'.

Bret with his good friend Erik Johnson, President and Owner of Innovative Percussion

John Wittmann and Joel Tetzloff, Yamaha representatives.

Bret with long time friend John King of the Zildjian Corporation.

Adam Weems, representative for Zildjian at their booth at Midwest.

Good friends and former students Huei Pan, Ben Collins and Matt Janus assisted Bret at the Midwest Clinic.


Huei Pan, Ben Collins and Matt Janus stopped for a picture while setting up for the clinic.

Ben Collins tuning the tenors.
Ben and Matt during the clinic demonstrating proper mallet placement on the tenors.

Huei and Bret demonstrating legato strokes.

Bret demonstrated how to tune the snare drum and the importance of properly tuning the drums.
Bret demonstrating traditional grip verses matched grip.

Matt and Huei talking with band directors following the clinic.

Bret demonstrating the proper bass drum grip.
Matt talking with Mark and Nancy Botti after the clinic.

Bret with Yamaha representatives Troy Wollwage, John Wittmann, and Joel Tetzlaff.


Bret with friend and former student John Willmarth.




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