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Arizona State University
ASU Band Day
October 20, 2007

49 Marching Bands from the Phoenix area compete at Arizona State University for the ASU Band Day on October 20, 2007. The ASU Marching Band perform "A Tribute to the Music of Latin America" in exhibition with guest band "The NeoPrimitive" and guest vocalist, Talita Real, who is a back-up vocalist for Ricardo Montaner.

ASU Band Day
October 20, 2007

Bret observes the ASU drumline as they warm-up for rehearsal.  
Gary Juarez demonstrates the technique he wants.

ASU bassline at rehearsal.



ASU pit as they rehearse for tomorrow's exhibition.


ASU band rehearsing for tomorrow's exhibition.
Guest vocalist Talita Real rehearses "Mi Tierra", by Gloria Estefan with the ASU Marching Band. Jim Hudson is the Director of the ASU Marching Band.

Talita Real and guest band "The NeoPrimitive" rehearse with the ASU Marching Band for tomorrow's exhibition.


The ASU Colorguard.
ASU Dance Team during rehearsal.
Jim Hudson and Talita Real.
ASU Marching Band with guest band "The NeoPrimitive" in exhibition at the ASU Band Day.
ASU Marching Band and Dance Team in their daytime performance.
ASU Marching Band in their evening exhibition.
ASU Marching Percussion during their evening exhibition.
ASU Band during the evening exhibition.
The ASU Dance Team performing in the evening exhibition.
Vocalist Talita Real, guest band "The NeoPrimitive" and the ASU Marching Band in exhibition at the ASU Band Day.




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